NAN Interns: Where are they now?

We caught up with former interns and volunteers to find out what they have been up to since their time at the Neighbourhood Arts Network.

Alex Pollard

Alex Pollard (September 2011-May 2012)

Since finishing her internship at NAN in May, Alex graduated from Community Work at George Brown College. In September she will start a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology with a major in Community Development. Alex hopes to implement her arts background throughout her new course of study as well as in her hometown of Oshawa.

Amy Goudge

Amy Goudge (Summer 2011)

After interning at NAN in Summer 2011, Amy went on to academic research at Ryerson’s Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre. She then started working with the Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space (STEPS) Initiative, where she coordinated a youth-led art program in Thorncliffe Park. She also programmed a community arts festival with b current and the reConnexion Collective. Amy will be starting a Master’s program at NYU in Visual Art Administration in the fall.

Anna-Liza Badaloo

Anna-Liza Badaloo (February-April 2010)

After volunteering with NAN, Anna-Liza has worked with NAN partner ArtStarts and the Bain Housing Co-operative. She is currently the Adult Education Coordinator at the Toronto Botanical Garden. In every position she has held since working with NAN, Anna-Liza’s NAN experience has helped her to incorporate community-based art practices into her work. Anna-Liza currently runs and curates the Toronto Botanical Garden Art Gallery in the Weston Family Library, featuring some of the best botanical artists in Canada.

Robyn Shyllit (February-April 2010)

Since interning with NAN Robyn has received her Masters in Urban Planning and Certificate in Community Development from the University of Toronto. She also interned and worked for Artscape and travelled to Spain. Currently, Robin works as the Communications Coordinator for FoodShare.

Emily Macrae is the Neighbourhood Arts Network 2012 Summer Intern


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