Cultura Festival 2012


“Your chairs are your enemies! You must defy your chairs!”

As the sun dipped behind the North York Civic Centre, people of all ages followed David Rudder’s advice and rose to dance to the beat of his calypso music. Those who didn’t dance filled the benches of the amphitheatre, spread out on the grass and enjoyed the spectacle perched at the edge of a fountain. Others sampled international street food or strolled the plaza while children played hula hoop on the lawn and lined up to get their faces painted by one of the visiting performers.


On Friday, July 6, Mel Lastman Square was transformed by music, movement and the multifaceted celebration of international arts that is the Cultura Festival. Cultura Festival is presented by John Filion in partnership with North York Arts, an initiative of the Toronto Arts Foundation. Every Friday from July 6 until August 10 Cultura brings free dance, music, performance art and film to Mel Lastman Square. The festival kicks off with a drum circle and buskers at 5:00 followed by main stage musical acts at 7:30 and an outdoor movie screening at 9:00.


Come to Cultura this Friday July 13!
Main Stage Musical Act: Autorickshaw                                                                           Buskers: El Jaguar Street Fiesta Mexican Wrestler & Bubalee the Clown                              Movie: The First Grader

For more information visit:


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