TUFF: Silent One Minute Films for an Urban Public

This September the 6th annual Toronto Urban Film Festival will reach over one million daily commuters on Pattison Onestop subway platform screens across the Toronto transit system.

Five Tips To Get You Started

Previous TUFF participants share their ideas about how to create a silent film in a city filled with sound:

“Think in small chunks: a moment, a feeling, a thought, something you saw happen out of the corner of your eye from the street car…” Melissa Levin, Under Construction Winner: Best in Category, 2009

“Know your audience. It’s all about the people on the subway platforms. Down there, time has a different meaning and your one minute film could really change someone’s day.” The Ferguson Brothers, Big City Winner: Best Comedic Film, 2009

“Just because your piece is silent doesn’t mean it can’t have a beat or rhythm.” Steve Reinke, TUFF 2007 Guest Juror

“One minute can feel like a very long time, especially without sound to help move things along. So keep it visually stimulating and coherent.” Vuk Dragojevic, The Spit Winner: 3rd Place, 2009

“Make what you would like to see. Cross your fingers. Use your heart.” Elizabeth Belliveau, Anchor Your Heart Winner: Best in Category, 2008


Submissions Now Being  Accepted for TUFF 2012. Final Deadline July 15, 2012.

To learn more about the Toronto Urban Film Festival, and how to submit a film, visit their website at: http://www.torontourbanfilmfestival.com/



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