Nomanzland on the Mainstage: June 15-17

 From June 15 to 17, Young People’s Theatre presents Nomanzland: Known to Police.

In Known to Police, resident’s from Toronto’s most notorious intersection find themselves backed into a dystopian corner by ‘the Man’. Armed with art, a conscience and the echoes of the Arab Spring, they must decide whether to run, hide, stand their ground, or come out fighting. Known to Police is a celebration of the resilience, vibrancy and swag of a community that often finds itself on the wrong side of society’s ‘you are either with us or against us’ speech.

Nomanzland, a performing arts program that brings together youth from different artistic backgrounds, encourages the use of poetry, dance and theatre to address issues that affect today’s youth. Most of all, Nomanzland hopes to provide an opportunity for reclamation – of both personal voice, and local space.

To learn more about Nomanzland, check out the NAN video profile.

Nomanzland and the West Side Arts Hub


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