ArtHeart Community Art Centre

ImageArtheart is a community arts center operating in Regent Park; its mission is to provide youth and adults with arts programs, resources, materials, and education. The programming they offer aims to build creativity, life-skills, and self-esteem within its participants as well as empowering the community. They are using art to combat issues affecting the Regent Park community, such as homelessness, poverty, and lack of employment.

Artheart’s programming runs all-year and encompasses a variety of artistic mediums and practices. They offer 470 arts workshops that take place after-school, in the evenings, throughout the summer, and on weekends to over 250 youth and 100 adults.

Outside of its regular scheduled programming, Artheart plans many engaging events throughout the year. Art contests, exhibits, computer labs, and events all make up a large part of Artheart’s outreach and participatory art making, one of which includes their studio workshop opportunities.
Recently, ArtHeart hosted its Family Fun-Raiser along with Havergal College staff, students, and families. The event included a plethora of activities, some of which included a craft market, live music, refreshments, and movie screenings. The proceeds of this event went to benefit ArtHeart and its programming. It was a great success and much fun was had by all participants.

Images: ArtHeart ‘Family Fun-Raiser’, Sandi Wong

Currently, ArtHeart is the process of moving to their new home at the Regent Park Arts and Cultural Center, Artscape’s newest venture into sustainable space and community arts practise. For now, their summer programming is on hold, however they will be coming back soon with a new schedule to fit their new space, location, and participants. Visit them in their new studio in September!

To learn more about Artheart and their programming and events, or how to get involved with them, visit them online:

Website: Tumblr:


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