2012 ACE Award Winners

ACE ICC Impact Award Winners

ICC ACE Impact Award winners Friendly Spike Theatre Band celebrate with Gillian Hewitt-Smith of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Joshua Barndt and Alan Convery

TD ACE Opportunities Award winner Joshua Barndt with Alan Convery of TD Bank Group


Winner of the 2012 ACE ICC Impact Award: Friendly Spike Theatre Band

Winner of the 2012 ACE TD Opportunities Award: Joshua Barndt

Congratulations to all six of the outstanding 2012 ACE Award Finalists! To learn more about how these artists are enriching our communities, check out the video profiles on the NAN website!

Joshua BarndtThank you to our 2012 ACE Awards Jury:

Shahina Sayani, Lekan Olawoye, Honor Ford Smith, Nasrin Khatam, Saniya Ansari, Nadia Alam, Emily Pohl-Weary, Melanie Smith & Tai-Ning Zhang.

To learn more about the ACE Awards, please visit the ACE Awards site


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