Waste Land: Free Screening and Discussion

On Thursday, November 10, Bavia Arts, aluCine, and the Neighbourhood Arts Network will be presenting a free screening of the Lucy Walker documentary, ‘Waste Land’. The discussion will be facilitated by Robin Pacific.

You can join us at 898 St. Clair Avenue West–This event will run from 4:00PM to 7:00PM.

Below is a map of the Bavia Arts studio location:

Click map for directions

Waste Land is a documentary by Lucy Walker that follows contemporary artist, Vik Muniz, on his journey through the world’s largest land fill in Jardim Gramacho on the outskirts of Rio de Janerio; the ever-growing fill sees about 7,000lbs of garbage deposited every day. Muniz collaborates with the catadores (pickers of recyclable materials) who make their living sifting through the vast and enormous landfill, to create a spectacular array of original and provocative images. This film is a look at not only Vik Muniz and his own artistic method, but a community and environmental arts perspective as well. More importantly, it is a creative commentary on what the human condition looks like in a 21st century world, and what beauty can come out of tremendous waste.
To RSVP for the screening, please contact yvette@torontoarts.org
For more details on this documentary, visit the Waste Land homepage.

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