Culture Days @ The Library: A Musical Tour
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On September 30 and October 1, some 45 Toronto Public Library branches are hosting 85 free, participatory Culture Days activities. Over the next two weeks, TPL staff at branches across the city will feature some of these, offering suggestions and thematically curated tours.

Magical Musical Tour

Over TPL’s two-day Culture Days extravaganza, you will find an astonishing number of musical activities. The beauty of it all is that you get to try your own hand. Today we feature two musical events on Friday at North York Central Library. It’s easy to get to on the TTC and a perfect way to wind out of your work week.

Violin Playing and Improvisation 5-6 pm (drop-in)Have you ever wanted to take a stab at the violin? Do you wonder how musicians improvise? At 5 pm, Room 1, Mo Jamal has a marvellous event in which he gives some basics in entry level violin, and will give more advanced musicians an introduction to improvising in free jazz and world and middle Eastern (Persian) music. There will also be some jamming. Check out his website, where you can see some of his remarkable paintings and read more about his work and ideas.
You will have time for a quick snack before moving to the auditorium for the 7 pm sharp start of junctQín’s “Sounds of Adventure!” featuring performances of new works for piano and unusual instruments such as toy pianos and cymbal monkey. You will also be able to meet the local composers of these pieces.junctQín’s special array of instruments has repeatedly proven irresistible to concert-goers, who often cannot help themselves from trying their own hands on a toy piano, or curiously perusing the musical scores for the notation that resulted in the sounds and effects they have just heard.And who is junctQín? This is a group of self-described “keyboard geeks,” professional pianists, performers and teachers. Check out their website for more junctQín concerts, soundbooth and more.

On Saturday, catch Kyle MacDonald’s Jazz Workshop at McGregor Park (1-4 pm). Leave enough time to swing over to Mimico and catch the Association of Improvising Musicians of Toronto (3-4:30 pm) as they let you in on the tricks and strategies of musical improv.

For all Culture Days @ the Library events, visit Culture Days @ the Library. For all Culture Days activities, visit the Culture Days website.

Reposted from the Toronto Public Library’s What’s On at the Library


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