Take Part in a Landmark Dance Mapping Study

Take Part in a Landmark Dance Mapping Study

The Canada Council for the Arts is conducting a historic dance mapping study. The study will ‘map dance’ across the country and give the dance milieu knowledge and statistics to better position dance in Canada. This 18-month project is being carried out in collaboration with provincial and municipal arts funders, and the dance community. The study is being funded by the Canada Council with contributions from the Ontario Arts Council.

For information, updates and to find out how you can participate, visit the website:

The Canada Dance Mapping Study

The website includes information on:

  • The Changing Face of Dance– Dance today is changing and growing and influencing the lives of Canadians in ways that have not been considered on a national scale. The Dance Mapping study aims to understand what dance is today, to better support the art form tomorrow.
  • The ‘Dance Conversation’– A one-day event was held in March to help kick off the study. This event brought together 40 individuals representing a broad spectrum of dance practitioners from across the country and was led by British arts researchers Susanne Burns and Sue Harrison.
  • The Steering Committee– The study is being guided by a Steering Committee representing arts leaders and provincial and municipal arts funders, led by the Canada Council.

How you can participate

This is the first time Canada will attempt to ‘map’ dance across the country, and we want your input to be sure we get an accurate and inclusive picture of dance in Canada. Over the next year, you can:

  • Fill in online surveys
  • Attend cross-country consultations
  • Contribute to the database of relevant studies and research
  • Submit comments via the Dance Mapping website
  • Contact Project Coordinator Marlene Alt (see details below)

Marlene Alt, Project Coordinator
Dance Section, Canada Council for the Arts
1-800-263-5588 ext. 5501 or marlene.alt@canadacouncil.ca


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