Arts North York Update

An update from Cee Robinson of the Arts North York Feasibility Study

Since January, 2011, the Toronto Arts Foundation has been involved in a feasibility study around the coordination of a centralized arts service organization located in, and dedicated to the arts in North York.

As the individual appointed to push the movement forward, I’ve already had the pleasure of speaking with schools, community centres, community groups, individual artists, art galleries, arts organizations, city staff and councilors who are all incredibly excited about the project. I’ve spoken with musicians, visual artists, theatre groups, tapestry artists, graphic designers, dance choreographers, curators, performance artists, designers and spoken word performers. The sheer number of arts-involved projects is almost overwhelming!

It is clear the North York houses some incredible talent. Individuals and organizations alike are already doing new and innovative things in the arts but there are also some very unique challenges that each group or individual has been coming across in their efforts to produce, stage and promote work. The purpose of the organization that will come out of the focus groups, individual interviews, phone and in person conversations and meetings is to address these issues and make the production and consumption of art in North York more accessible. One of the most exciting parts of the possibility of this organization is being able to connect all of the incredible organizations and individuals who are working so hard to make the North York arts scene as diverse and vibrant as it is.

There is so much possibility around the creation of new projects, the strengthening of existing projects, the sharing of resources and cross-promotion that can happen through networking, and I for one can barely hold back my excitement, just considering what these connections might bring.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project or would like to contribute please get in touch with me at

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