World Community Arts Day: A Love Letter to Community Arts

World Community Arts Day is a grassroots festival that originated five years ago in England and is spreading across the world. This year, the Neighbourhood Arts Network celebrated with ‘A Love Letter to Community Arts’.

A Valentines Thank-You

In recognizing World Community Arts Day, the Neighbourhood Arts Network is celebrating the contributions that Toronto artists make –  to our local and global communities.

Kalsang from Drebu

Kalsang from Drebu


Shayne from the Youth Arts Movement

Shayne from the Youth Arts Movement


Nasrin from Working Women Community Centre


Jamie from the Youth Arts Movement

Jamie from the Youth Arts Movement


Held at Lakeshore Arts, A Love Letter to Community Arts created a space for artists and cultural workers to connect and share, and a provided a way to say thank you to the artists and arts supporters who make Toronto so vibrant.

The beautiful storefront space at Lakeshore Arts


For those who are working in Toronto, it is always good  to take a step back and remember that we are part of something bigger – whether it’s a Toronto-wide network, or a worldwide community.

To learn more about World Community Arts Day, please visit or follow on Twitter.

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