Community Arts Network: Gone But Not Forgotten

Community Arts Network is gone but not forgotten. CAN has been a valuable resource for artists, activists and researchers committed to the intersection of art and community and all the exciting possibilities that emerge out of community-engaged work.

Thanks to CAN  the field had a website connection filled with information and resources that helped deepen our thinking about community arts and made feel less isolated as we read about work going on all over the world or in our own backyard.

Linda Frye Burnham and Steve Durland’s tireless efforts kept CAN operating for many years and for that they deserve our immense gratitude. CAN could not find funds to continue to operate, they put out a plea for assistance and many people rallied but in the end there was not sufficient financial support to carry on.

CAN’s invaluable contribution to the field is their collection of articles and resources. Fortunately  it will not be lost. Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, and the American Folklore Society are pleased to announce that the CAN Web site has been archived as part of the Open Folklore project, an online portal to open-access digital folklore content.   IU Bloomington Libraries offered to capture the CAN Web site using Archive-It so the contents could be preserved.

The archived CAN is static, but is fully text searchable, though some external links and some internal scripted functions may no longer work. It is, however, a unique and permanent record of the site as it existed at the time. Users may visit the archived site at

We can stay in touch with Linda and Steven and keep in touch with the CAN community by  visiting the CAN Facebook page.


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