Art Starts: “The Element” Showcase

the element participants take a bow

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to the final presentation or “showcase” of Art Starts’s performance program “The Element.”  The Element was the focus of the video I made about Art Starts for the Neighbourhood Arts Network Summer Video Series.

parents waiting for the element showcase to start

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

The night included monologues, dramatic scenes, dance pieces and music.  Everyone performed beautifully and it was great to see how original the content of the pieces were, many of them dealing with social issues and talking about change.

performance from the showcase

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

It was great to see the performance, especially having seen it at different stages of its development.  Enjoy these pictures of the showcase and check out the video on Art Starts, featuring The Element program, on NAN’s Vimeo page.

The Element Dance Performance

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

The Element Participants thank program Director Alicia Clarke

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

Sarah Miller-Garvin is the Neighbourhood Arts Network’s current Summer Assistant


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