Art Starts

Katherine working on the Art Starts Community Mural

Photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

Last week, I went to visit Art Starts in their home at the Yorkdale Community Arts Centre, located in the lower level of Yorkdale Shopping Centre.  I went to photograph the creation of their community mural project, which is being done outside of Yorkdale subway station and a rehearsal for one of their youth programs called “The Element.”

Scene from Art Starts Element program

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

“The Element” is a multi-faceted  performing arts program the focuses on developing leadership skills in youth using the arts.  Over the 6 week program, the youth learn dance, drama, rap and other performance skills, cumulating in a showcase of their work.

Navard working on the Art Starts Mural

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

The community mural being created outside Yorkdale subway station was designed in consultation with the surrounding communities of Neptune and Lawrence Heights (also called The Jungle.)  The mural responds to violence in the area and calls for a return to respect and community in the area by placing larger than life portraits of community leaders above the cars that pass by the entrance to the station.

The Element Rehearsal

Photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

Art Starts Community Mural

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

Check out for more information and remember to check out to see what’s going on in your neighbourhood!


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  1. Not bad! Although I don’t call at your blog much but I must say that you always post amazing information plus the theme is very good. Keep us updated mate! I love your blog and definately will persist in appreciating your energy every time I visit.

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