ArtSpin participants viewing Art Installation

Photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

On Thursday July 29, I went to my first ArtSpin.  Art Spin is an art crawl style bicycle tour of art galleries, art performances and artist’s studios in Toronto’s west end art district. EachArt Spin event will be led by a guest tour guide, be they a curator, arts administrator or artist, and will also feature a new itinerary with visits to different galleries and performances featuring some of the city’s most engaging emerging and established artists. Art Spin attempts to capture the pulse of this city’s vibrant art scene.

Decorated front wheel for ArtSpin

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

The night was spent biking from gallery to performance to gallery, through the streets, parks, avenues, alleyways and crescents of Queen West and Parkdale in Toronto.  Every ride we went on was soundtracked by trumpet player Michael Louis Johnson, who rode along with us while playing.

Bikes during ArtSpin

Photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

What I loved so much about ArtSpin was how it combined art and urban exploration.  The beauty of Toronto is in it’s details, and that is just what we sought out to find, the beautiful details of our city.  It was amazing to be around a bunch of people who love Toronto as much as I do, who are as excited about art as I am and who are thirsty to experience all that Toronto has to offer.

A video about ArtSpin: coming soon. For more information, check out

ArtSpin at Somewhere There

Photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

ArtSpin at 47 Gallery on Milky Way

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

Bikes waiting at ArtSpin

Photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin


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