New Bloor Festival

Street view of the New Bloor Festival

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

I love any event that gives me the ability to walk through the middle of the street.  I was so excited when they put in those all-way-crossings on Yonge Street at Bloor and Dundas, that I would go out of my way to be on the side of the street that would require I cross through the middle of the intersection to get to my destination… So naturally, I love a street festival.  And this weekend I went to the New Bloor Festival on Bloor street, between Dufferin and Landsdowne.

Chalk Drawings on Bloor Street

Photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

What was awesome about the festival, was the amount of art that was going on and being promoted throughout the festival.  There were people drawing with chalk all over the road, people fundraising for arts projects, public graffiti projects being worked on, drum circles starting, performances being watched and independent artists selling their work.

Performance Artist Dunk Tank

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

One of the most exciting I met at the festival was a guy named Eric who’s art I’d seen all over the city, on walls, in alley ways and on newspaper boxes.  All of this happened, despite it raining on and off and despite it being desperately hot.  People were really excited and happy to be there.

Drumming Circle on Bloor Street

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

When you get a community together, art happens.  That’s why we need to make sure that there is always a place for the community to get together, to create together, to run around in the middle of the street together.

Performances on Bloor

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

Street Artist

photo by Sarah Miller-Garvin

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