New Summer Intern at the Neighbourhood Arts Network

Hi Everybody!

I’m Sarah Miller-Garvin and I’m the Neighbourhood Arts Network’s new summer student.  Over the next 7 weeks, I’ll be making a series of short videos about community engaged arts projects going on in the city.  I’ll also be photographing everything like a crazy person and writing blogs about my experiences with Neighbourhood Arts around the city.

Just to let you know a little bit about me: I’m a recent graduate of University of Toronto’s University College Drama program.  I’m also a theatre artist and photographer.  I’m really excited to be working for the Neighbourhood Arts Network.  I grew up in downtown Toronto, just down the street from a theatre.  I remember going to their annual Spring Arts Fair every year, watching my street turning into this wonderland where you could explore the mysterious building at the end of the street, which was the theatre, and see Music, Dance and short plays. Where there was a colourful wagon with all different kinds of percussion instruments parked outside for anyone to drum on.  Where actors dressed as goats would wander around and ended up performing their 5 minute play on my front lawn.

My neighbourhood was filled with artistic opportunities.  I was involved in community crafts projects and youth theatre festivals, was exposed to theatre, in school and out, and saw murals transform what once was industrial space.  These experiences made me who I am today and certainly influenced drive to be an artist.  I am so happy to be working with an organization that is trying to bring these opportunities to all the neighbourhoods in Toronto.

I hope you’ll come back to the blog and check out what I have to say about all the awesome Community Art projects going on in our city.  🙂


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